About Us

Taprobane Travel & Tourism Ltd was established in 2012 in New Zealand and is a proud member of the Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand (TIANZ). Taprobane Travel & Tourism Ltd is passionate about travel and we are devoted to provide a personalised and a cost effective solution to all world travelers. The tours we offer are handpicked and are designed to suit all levels of travelers. Tours from a luxurious beach holiday to a low cost discover tour can be organised through us.

Taprobane Travel & Tourism Ltd is 100% New Zealand Owned & Operated

Our Mission

Taprobane Travel & Tourism Ltd’s mission is to provide specialised worldwide inbound & outbound tours based on uniquely designed package tours to accommodate all and their budgets. By combining cost effective travel, superior customer satisfaction and exceptional quality of service, we thrive to meet and exceed the commitment to the many we serve.

Our endeavor is to satisfy all our customers with a friendly, caring, warm and a personalised service to a world class standard.

Our Vision

Taprobane Travel & Tourism Ltd’s vision is to be the leading inbound/outbound and most cost effective tour organisers and planners in New Zealand. We aim to promote worldwide travel, here in New Zealand and throughout the rest of the world, to give an opportunity to experience our beautiful planet and its people.

We combine our experience and knowledge, cost effective travel and the magic of the word and its people into a distinctive and unforgettable experience.